During this course, you will be introduced to the concepts of organization, organizational culture, paradigm and worldviews, including both biblical and secular perspectives. Particular attention will be given to the manner in which culture, paradigms, and worldviews shape our understanding of leadership.

Beyond the major theories and concepts of leadership and organizations, you will be exposed to the major points of interest and questions that surround the study of organizational leadership. Some of these issues include the distinction between leadership and leaders, the distinction between leadership and management, the place of followership in leadership studies, and the meaning of servant leadership.

Using this knowledge, you will be challenged to examine and re-conceptualize your understanding of leadership and to begin to apply these concepts and theories in today’s increasingly complex organizations. Throughout the MSLS Program, your conception of organizational leadership will be influenced, shaped, and changed as you are introduced to issues in various courses that are part of the organizational leadership domain.