BUS 610 examines the nature and significance of managing the finances of the firm; biblical financial principles; significance of financial ratios and interpretation of financial statement items for managerial decision making; and ethical issues regarding financial decisions. 

The course is designed as a continuation of BUS 605, introducing students to additional financial theories, practices, and processes by which major decisions are made by corporate financial managers. It includes a discussion of the cost of capital, capital budgeting (return on investment analysis), capital structure decisions, shareholder distributions, the management of working capital, and multinational financial management, among other topics. Students will examine basic principles of business from a Biblical perspective.

This course is a foundational study of marketing systems. Topics include the basic definition of marketing, identification of the activities involved in developing marketing strategies, capturing marketing insights, connecting with customers, building strong brands, creating and delivering value, communication value to the marketplace, as well as the integration of biblical principles into ethical marketing practices. The course involves lecture, online discussion, case analysis, a marketing plan term project, a midterm exam, and a comprehensive final exam. This course is not a prerequisite to BUS 645: Advanced Marketing and Promotions. Rather, BUS 645 is a continuation of this course, exploring additional marketing topics.