Through a study of related theories and models, this course lays the foundation for an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of positive organizational change. In addition to investigating present and future trends in organizational change, students are shown how change can be implemented with biblical, servant-leadership perspectives and how such change models can be sustained for the long term. As part of the course assignments, students gain experience by designing a change model and applying it to their own organizations.
The Professional Development Course is designed to provide students with an opportunity for self-assessment, reflection, and goal setting as encouraged by noted leadership authors and theorists. Warren Bennis (1992) in his book On Becoming A Leader talks about the fact that everything the leader does reflects what he or she is. He encourages leaders to know themselves. Peter Drucker tells us, people must learn to manage their own professional development so that they can keep current in the job arena. "They will have to learn to stay young and mentally alive during a fifty-year working life. They will have to learn how and when to change what they do, how they do it, and when they do it” (Drucker, 1999, p. 163). Emphasizing the importance of self-awareness, Herbert Shepard (2007) encourages individuals to continue to seek the right paths for themselves