BUS 660 will introduce and examine ethical decision-making and management challenges facing managers in various functional areas of business organizations from a Judeo-Christian perspective. This course will help the student to understand, from a Christian perspective, ethical issues encountered in performing core managerial functions. There will be an emphasis on the integration of faith and business to determine how the business environment can be transformed to better reflect Biblical standards.
BUS 670: Managerial Economics will focus on economic principles and theories, allowing students to solve issues and make informed decisions both at the micro and macro level. This course will challenge students to think strategically and critically about management issues, such as consumer demand, production, forecasting, costs, risk pricing, market competition, economic growth, and globalization. Students will apply economic concepts to real world situations with a reliance on quantitative data calculation and analyses. Integration of faith will be applied throughout the course. Students taking this course are expected to have had some previous exposure to economics and to be comfortable with algebra.