CFS 251 is an introductory course into the field of developmental child psychology. This course will focus on milestones in child development in a chronological format. Throughout the course, students will ask and explore the basic question: how does a child change and grow over time beginning in the prenatal phase into adolescence? Attention will be given to research methodology and data collection over this time period.
Abnormal Psychology is a foundational course. Barlow and Durand (2015) define psychopathology as the scientific study of psychological disorders. Until several years ago, the science of psychopathology had been compartmentalized with psychopathologists examining the separate effects of psychological, biological, and social influences. Recent advances in science confirm that the integrative approach to understanding psychological disorders is most effective. Instead of compartmentalizing psychopathology, Barlow and Durand (2015) use a more accessible approach that accurately reflects the current state of our clinical sciences and enhances the learning process. Allow this course to challenge the way you conclude that a behavior is either normal or abnormal.